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To better help you get to know us, we would like to share our vision and philosophy with you. We will develop not just a work schedule, but a complete plan, to include standards of conduct, specific instructions, detailed show information, marked floor plans, and badge charts.

We will hire the registration companies, security companies/law enforcement providers that best fit your needs. Once the move-in begins we will be there actively working with these companies and agencies to ensure that standards are met, and to proactively solve any issues before they become problems.

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Our value lies in our ability to bring the best out of the companies and agencies that we hire by raising their standards and holding them accountable for their performance. We constantly monitor their activity to be sure that they are not only physically present but that they have proper show and venue knowledge to be able to assist in your exhibitors' and attendees' needs.

Changes are the nature of this business, accurate passing down of information is critical to the success of your show. You won’t have to check in with shift supervisors every 8 hours to be sure that information is passed down…that’s our job! TNT Managers check all areas that we are managing and review hours with the company and agency supervisors daily to ensure that you only pay for what was actually worked.


  • Interview, qualify, and hire the best contract security companies (and other agencies) available at a cost that will be within your budget.
  • Provide you with timely cost estimates and advise of potential budgetary issues.
  • A complete plan which will include a schedule, general and specific instructions, and post instructions will be provided to the companies, agencies, you, venue management (Event Coordinator, Director of Public Safety), and appropriate vendors. The plan will be based on show schedules, production schedules, and venue requirements.
  • Attend site visits as appropriate to gather information necessary for producing a comprehensive plan.
  • Provide show site management services composed of experienced, qualified security managers.
  • Prepare a post-show report with the intent of recapping the show and providing recommendations on how to improve our services on future shows.


TNT Team Management

TNT will assign a member of our management team to be the lead on each event. Larger events will be assigned co-leads and additional TNT team members on an event by event basis. The assigned lead will be the primary contact between you and TNT giving you and designated members of your staff one source to communicate all of your needs, issues, questions, and concerns as they relate to our areas of coverage.

  • NO MARK UP ON CONTRACTED SERVICES - It is our philosophy that it is a conflict of interest to markup contracted services since it lessens our incentive to reduce your costs. The price you pay is the price we pay. This ensures that we will always strive to cut your costs wherever possible without compromising the quality of service.
  • ACCURATE, VERIFIABLE INVOICING - To verify costs and ensure accountability, TNT will provide copies of invoices for companies that we contract. We will even write this into the agreement so you know that what we are charging you is what was actually worked.
  • FAIR AND BALANCED MANAGEMENT FEES – When evaluating our management fee keep in mind that there are no hidden charges. We make our money on the management fee, and nowhere else. This allows us to keep your costs as low as possible. We focus on managing the event in the best interest of our clients.
  • COMPLETE AND TIMELY PRE-SHOW PLANNING - A complete plan which will include the schedule, general and specific instructions, and post instructions will be provided to you, the contract companies, agencies, venue management (Event Manager and Director of Public Safety) and appropriate vendors. The Plan will be based on show schedules, production schedules, and venue requirements.
  • EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL ON-SITE MANAGEMENT – Our on-site management team represents years of security and event management experience. Our combined knowledge and experience at managing events make our management team the best possible choice to meet the demands of your event.

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